Get Fed! With the spring season of Miracle League of the Triangle Baseball around the corner, I came across this article my son Alexander wrote a couple of years ago. Alexander’s best bud, David, has Cerebral Palsy, and well, he’s my hero! During the spring and fall, I accompany Alex to all of David’s games (with the exception of illness or over scheduling problems). I can not tell you how very much I look forward to our Friday or Saturday mornings at the park! Perhaps you are looking to volunteer your time in your community. You will be the one blessed when you come out and support these chidlren and their families! Here’s what my son wrote:

Every Child Deserves To Play Baseball
by Alexander Johnson

It’s a sunny Saturday morning, and the mouth-watering aroma of food floods the air, as the crowd cheers, and the announcer’s voice is heard over the loudspeaker. Young, Chaney Gragg, approaches the plate, his spirit and passion takes over the crowd. Many enjoy baseball, but what about those who are physically and mentally challenged? Stara Porazzo, founder of The Miracle League of the Triangle, along with many others, has made it possible for disabled children to play baseball and enjoy being part of a team since 2006.

Mrs. Porazzo heard about Tony Withers and Robin Rose, founders of the original Miracle League in Atlanta, Georgia, and decided to create a Miracle League here in the Triangle. Miracle League began with sixty children. It has now reached one hundred ninety five children and is still growing.

Miracle League is a wonderful program and nearly anyone with any disability can play, due to the partnerships of buddies who help hit the ball, travel with the players around the bases, and stay with the players throughout the game.

Many volunteers participate, like Miracle League announcer, Hayden McNeill, a college student who travels to every game from UNC Chapel Hill. When asked what he enjoyed most about Miracle League Hayden said, “… the kids, the energy and the smiles.” Volunteer coaches also keep things in order on the field, and the coach of the Pirates team had this to say about the players, “For a moment, they’re rock stars.”

Volunteers like buddies, coaches, umpires, announcers, even emcees and performers are needed. If you are interested in playing in Miracle League or volunteering, please contact Stara Porazzo at Go to

I have been blessed to be a buddy for three years now to my best friend, David, and I would highly recommend anyone to participate, volunteer or come cheer these amazing chidlren on! You will be blessed!