Hello – I’m Lori from over at EncourageYourSpouse.com.  I’ve had the pleasure of sampling Elise’s cooking and am slowly working through her new cookbook, You Never Cook Alone.  I have to confess that cooking isn’t one of my favorite things to do. (sorry, Elise) But lately we’ve experienced something new.

We’re having an adventure at the Ferguson Farm. In addition to experiences with horses, cows, cats, deer and bugs…

Our adult kids have moved in!

Our son and daughter-in-love are waiting on their new house to close, so they’ve come to live in our guest bedroom. Fortunately we like each other and we’re all quite busy so don’t see each other very often. We each have a bathroom so that’s not a problem, however, there’s only one kitchen.

So we’ve begun a new tradition – the kids cook on Thursday night from You Never Cook Alone!

This Thursday Alisane and Alex served Elise’s Chicken Milanese with green beans and noodles. They worked as a team in the kitchen, while Robert and I set the table and got drinks for all of us.

Alex cut up the tomatoes as Alisane prepared the chicken and then they both worked over the stove to brown the chicken. A wonderful, rich aroma filled the kitchen as they put the chicken breasts into the oven.

The chicken with tomatoes and cheese cooked for a bit in the oven and then they turned on the broiler. It was hilarious to see the young couple crouched in front of the oven window, watching carefully as the cheese began to bubble and turn a golden hue.

After they plated the dinner, and we paused to Give Thanks to God for all our blessings – food, family, and fellowship – we took a moment to admire the finished product.  It tasted like a little bit of heaven!

I encourage you to spend time with your kids – adult kids or little ones – in the kitchen! The reward of cooking together makes memories that last forever!