Food Expert Elise Johnson is the founder of Cooking with Elise. Elise helps families understand and capture the powerful energy that cooking and eating together contributes to building emotionally and spiritually healthy families and friendships.


Elise grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts. A speech impediment kept Elise from talking until she was sixteen. Her Portuguese grandmother’s kitchen became her refuge. Elise’s grandmother taught her to cook with the most important ingredient of all – love.

Elise put that same love into the meals she created for her own family. After numerous requests, Elise began teaching her friends, children and college students to cook. Now through personal appearances, classes, TV, the Internet and her new cookbook, she shares that love with others.

In an amazing transformation, the child-who-could-barely-speak her own name has become the very funny, passionate out­spoken Chef Elise whom many are calling the “Portuguese Paula Deen”.

Elise began her weekly televised cooking segments and appearances on the My Carolina Today show. Now the chef spokesperson for corporations like BJ’s Wholesale Club, Elise now shares her love of family and cooking on television and radio stations across of the country.


Cooking with Elise was born about ten years ago when people began to ask to cook with Elise. Families who marveled at the closeness of Elise’s family and the character of her sons, wanted to learn how to connect and build relationships both physically and emotionally with their families and friends. Elise has shared her passion for food and family with hundreds of people in her home and thousands across the world through her cooking classes and camps, her online videos, the Cooking with Elise website, and television and radio appearances. Cooking with Elise has also provided opportunities for Elise to do what she loves most – to help others. Elise believes that cooking is more than simply feeding bellies but feeding souls. Elise enjoys participating in cooking competitions and fundraisers that showcase her love of cooking and family as well as raising much-needed funds within her community.