Cooking with Elise — literally!

Stirring Memories, Feeding Souls & Building Legacies

Elise’s Philosophy

“No one ever really cooks alone. Even during our quietest, most solitary moments, preparing a meal inevitably stirs up recollections of meals shared with loved ones from our past. It is these valuable memories — stimulated by our five senses — that feed our souls and build legacies.” Elise

Custom Cooking Classes

• Family Cooking Classes
• Team-Building Culinary Classes
• Cooking Across America Cooking Classes and Cooking Camps (adults & children classes)
• No Passport Necessary: International Cuisine Cooking Classes (adults & children’s classes)
• Church Group Cooking Classes
• Missions Cooking Classes (portion of the proceeds goes to your mission)
• Birthday Party Cooking Classes for both children and adults
• His & Her Cooking Classes
• Parent/Child Cooking Classes
• Cooking Classes for Special Needs Children and Adults
• The Gathering Place: Ladies Cooking Classes
• Fundraising Cooking Classes (portion of the proceeds goes directly to your fundraiser)

About Elise:

Elise Johnson is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based chef.
Chef Elise is well-known for her cooking classes, TV cooking segments “Cooking With Elise”, her blogging at, as Chef Spokesperson for BJ’s Wholesale Club and for her commitment to the communities she lives in. Elise enjoys the challenge of competing against highly trained chefs and also judging cooking competitions. Her commitment to helping families understand the power of cooking and eating together has been embraced by corporate companies like BJ’s Wholesale Clubs, Quintiles, Cuisinart, Dean and Deluca, Lodge Cast Iron Manufacturing Company and Williams and Sonoma.
Elise’s first cookbook, You Never Cook Alone, was released in mid-April, 2012. The book’s sub-title “Stirring Memories, Feeding Souls and Building Legacies for the Well Fed Family” reflects Elise’s mission of helping families understand and capture the powerful energy that cooking and eating together contributes to building healthy families and friendships.
Chef Elise grew up near Boston. A speech impediment kept Elise from talking until she was seventeen. Her Portuguese grandmother’s kitchen became her refuge. Elise’s grandmother, who spoke little English, taught her to cook with the most important ingredient of all – love.
Elise put that same love into the meals she created for her own family. At her friends’ request, Elise began teaching her friends, children and college students how to cook. Now through personal appearances, classes, TV, Internet and her new cookbook, Elise shares that love with others.
In an amazing transformation, the child-who-never-spoke became the funny, passionate and outspoken chef families adore.

Benefits of Elise’s Group/Team Building Cooking Classes

• Culinary team building stimulates cooperation towards a common goal –
preparing and eating a complete meal.
• Based on the universal experience of “breaking bread” together, each team member contributes, regardless of their culinary skills.
• Increases employee morale, cooperation, camaraderie, communication skills and multi-tasking
• Rejuvenates work teams and helps newly formed teams get acquainted
• Stimulates brainstorming, decision making and problem solving
• Allows participants to work quickly under time constraints, to organize and delegate tasks
• Safer alternative to river rafting and rope climbing.


Benefits of Family/Children’s  Cooking Classes


Culinary Class Details

• 6 or more participants are needed
• $50 per person
• includes an engaging, entertaining, hands-on cooking class
• everyone will enjoy a sit-down meal which will include an appetizer, main dish, dessert, cold beverage and coffee or tea
• two and a half hours in length
• Elise offers several menu/class choices including: Playing with Your Food: Pasta-Making, Comfort Foods, Regional Favorites like, The Big Easy, New York, NY, Southern Classics, New England Favorites, Bread-Making Class, Breakfast for Dinner, Tapas or Small Bites Menu, An Afternoon Brunch, Nostalgic Recipes, and several international cuisines such as: Spanish, Italian, Asian, Jamaican, Portuguese, Middle Eastern, French, Irish, Indian, English, and more!
• Elise will discuss your choices with you. Once you know what you are interested in, Elise will send you two menus to choose from.


“I belong to a group of moms who have children with Cerebral Palsy. The children are in wheelchairs so we look for activities to do with them that would engage and educate but also be fun and accessible. When I learned that Elise did cooking classes for children, I approached her about doing a class with our kids. All of them are nonverbal and have great difficulty using their hands.

Elise never flinched! Not only was she willing to try it, she was exuberant! Ideas of how she would adapt things and make it exciting for the kids began to fly from her mouth. I had never met anyone that was so willing to volunteer her time and home so willingly to accommodate us. She never once thought about the obstacles, only the possibilities. It truly was heartwarming. We just knew the kids would LOVE their new chef!

We were not disappointed. Wheelchairs positioned around the cooking island, moms and dads helping kids hold mixers, bowls, and spatulas, the children watched wide-eyed as the soup bubbled and the meringue on the Baked Alaska browned without melting the ice cream. A little side educational talk about the physics of that kept them totally attentive, not to mention being able to indulge in their finished product!

Such a delightful time was had by all. Not only was Elise professional, organized and educational as she worked, but she is SO MUCH FUN! This was a time the children will never forget and are asking when they can go see their favorite chef again.“

Mary Jane Bradley

Raleigh, NC


“Elise’s joy of cooking and bringing people together in the kitchen is infectious! She has inspired me to try new recipes and introduce new flavors to my kids and they love it! I make time to cook meals now, and we all enjoy spending time together at dinner. Her lasagna has become a favorite with our family and guests!

I want my daughter to grow up seeing its fun to cook, and not a chore, so when she has her own family someday they will be as close as we are. She has already served us a wonderful breakfast in bed with pancakes, eggs, bacon and biscuits!”

Andrea Helton

Raleigh, NC


“My grandchildren, Collins and Catherine Earp, who at the time were 8 and 6, joined Elise’s Christmas Cooking Class for Children and the results were priceless. The joy that was written on their faces when I picked them up, (not to mention the chocolate and cookie crumbs!) was a picture to be remembered. Collins, who is now 13, loves to cook, and one finds him in the kitchen often, putting together cookies or brownies at the drop of a hat, or putting together a breakfast on weekends for his mom and dad, making pasta- his favorite- anytime. Catherine enjoys it as well, but Collins seems to be passionate about it. That all started from their introduction cooking with Elise! I cannot thank Elise enough for that experience for them, and her true love for the culinary arts is contagious!”
Toni Benson
Raleigh, North Carolina


“Elise Johnson is not only the best cook in the whole world; she is also your best friend! Elise cooks with her whole heart and soul and I believe her grandmother’s also. Elise makes the world a better place on a daily basis! Her heart is so beautiful, which is what makes her recipes so special! Let her in your heart and your life will also shine with beauty-even your cooking! Elise is bringing families together, communities together, and most importantly bringing all of us closer to God. Thank you, Elise, for all that you do and for doing it with your whole heart and soul. God Bless You!”

Joy Kagy
Hendersonville, NC

“I just got finished eating the MOST delicious pork entree I have ever made! Thanks for that Tuscan Pork Chop recipe….. That was a HUGE success! My pork chops usually come out so dry…..this was easy (an hour to make and bake) and beautiful… you Elise! My family is active beyond belief with two college aged students, a homeschooled high school student and my Mom living with us. My meal planning time is limited at best. Providing well balanced meals that can be put together quickly and consumed at different times during the day has always been a challenge for me. Elise has put together many recipes that combine common ingredients that I ready have in my pantry and refrigerator, in a way that is ‘gourmet’ without all of the fuss. Instead of having to use my family as ‘testers’ of my own creations, I can rely on Elise to give me an easy, yet elegant, recipe that is great every time! (Like her Tuscan Pork….what a hit!) I know that I have provided a great meal for my family and they appreciate the uniqueness of eating such delicious and fun meals. Thank you Elise for the time you have taken to deliver such elegant, non-threatening, recipes to our home.”
Sandra Erickson
Raleigh, North Carolina

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