As a wife, a former homeschooling mom of eighteen years, and an author and president of Cooking with Elise, this mom knows the power of an hour in the kitchen and around the table from personal experience.

You would never know that this out-spoken, passionate and funny chef once suffered from a horrific speech impediment which left her unable to say even her own name with ease until she was sixteen years old. The time Elise spent with her grandmother in the kitchen and around her family’s table was a substitute for language itself.

Elise’s passion, family values and mission to encourage families to connect in their kitchens is infectious. From personal experience, Elise knows that cooking and eating together is one of the quickest and strongest ways that families can build and strengthen their relationships. Elise brings families back to the table! She makes cooking and eating together attractive, affordable, easy and fun.

Elise Johnson is now a spokesperson for companies like BJ’s Wholesale Club. With Elise’s media experience she is able to stay on message and drive home the benefits of your product or service. Elise is the perfect spokesperson for family-friendly companies. Her laughter, warmth and expertise is valued and trusted by families of all kinds.

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