We’ve all seen them in some of the aisles in our local grocery stores. You know those plug ins, sprays and candles sold to help you keep “your home smelling fresh”.

I purposely make an appoint to avoid those aisles. The chemicals always make my family and me sick.  Although you and your family may not react as violently as we do to these products, you should know how harmful they are to you and your family. There are a countless number of studies and articles that show just how harmful these products can be. Filled with toxins and unnatural chemicals these may help you control odors in your home but they will definitely not help your health. I am actually not a fan of the chemical and unnatural smells either.

Because I love all of you, today I thought I would share some of the things I do to keep my home smelling fresh and clean.

1. Well, of course the first thing I do is to keep it clean. I know that sounds funny, but it’s true. Cleaning your home a little each day, taking out the trash, cleaning out your refrigerator, not leaving food out, keeping your sink and counters clean, wiping down your showers and tubs, throwing away moldy fruit, cleaning the litter box out daily, and making sure all dirty laundry is in a closed laundry basket helps a great deal.  Keeping up with your laundry helps especially when you have sweaty clothes.

2. One of my favorite things to do is to place a couple of orange slices, anise seeds, cinnamon sticks, cloves and vanilla in a pot of water. Simmer over medium heat. You can either use cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and anise seeds or ground spices — either will work.  A teaspoon of each will do ya! Set a timer so you don’t forget about it and never, EVER leave the house while it simmers. Make sure little children can not reach the pot or the fire as well. Instead of making me sick like sprays, candles and plug-ins I have also found that this helps to clear up my sinuses. Really!

You can also use a small crock pot like this one and just let the water, orange slices and spices slow cook all day.

3. Place lemon slices and a little baking soda in your garbage disposal monthly to rid of unwanted odors.

4. A bowl of vinegar and water (50/50) placed on a bathroom counter will help remove musty or other unwanted odors that can sometimes be found in your bathroom. The vinegar will help neutralize the smell and while you may smell it initially it will fade away and you will be left with a fresh, clean smelling room.

5. Cotton balls soaked in a little of your favorite essential oil like orange, lavender, sage or cinnamon scattered around your room (they can even be hidden in decorative open vases) will help create a very warm and welcoming scent.

6. A few drops of your favorite essential oil inside the toilet paper tube will leave your bathroom smelling fresh. Each time the roll is turned the air is scented with your favorite smell.

7. Essential oils can also be added to water in a spray bottle. Just be careful not to ruin your furniture or bedding. You should spray in the center of the room and make sure the oil is not harmful to your pets.

8. An open box of baking soda will neutralize unwanted odors in your refrigerator. Even though your frig may be squeaky clean smells of leftovers can take over.

9. A sprinkling of baking soda on wall-to-wall carpet can also help neutralize odors, particularly if you have four legged loved ones! Simply sprinkle on your carpet, leave for ten minutes (please be sure to close the door(s) if little ones or pets are near) and then vacumn up. It’s as easy as that.

10. Lastly, but certainly not least, one of the BEST ways to make your home smell warm, comforting and welcome is to BAKE! (You knew that was coming didn’t you?) Particularly when you bake up something like apple cake and goodies that have warm spices in them. These smells evoke or conjure up the warm sense of holidays and home.


Love you all,

Elise xo