Four words: nesting, girly and craft stores. Men consider yourselves forewarned.

Well, one more word: nonconformist. That’s me.

Ladies, we all know that the brightness of the sun, greenery and change keep life fresh and exciting!

Having said that, what can I say about the winters in North Carolina? Well, they are pretty mild in comparison to winters in New England.

I do appreciate that.

My hubby really appreciates that.

He was the primary snow shoveler — enough said.

I do miss the pretty fresh snow, but definitely not the frigid temperatures. I actually do not miss the sand that turns the pretty fresh snow into mounds of well, what looks like dirt either.

About this time in the winter season I start itching for signs of spring.  I begin to really miss the brightness of the sun, the beautiful green landscape and of course the pretty flowers.

While I may not be able to control whether the sun comes out each day or the condition of the green grass, I can help bring some sunshine into our home.

With a 40% of one item and a 20% off my entire order coupon, I headed to Michael’s arts and crafts store for some inspiration. Finding a huge sale made my day as well.

As I looked around I decided that the pretty creams, oranges and light greens were calling me.

My first thought: Should I put this color on my door … NOW… In the middle of winter?

My second thought: Is it appropriate for winter months?

My third thought: What would the neighbors think?

My fourth thought: Well, I’ve always been a nonconformist, so why start conforming now. As much as I appreciate each new day (it is a gift you know), today I am counting down to spring.

40 more days and counting…

I found everything I needed to make two new wreaths for my front doors…

Putting one of my favorite tools to good use — my glue gun.


including this pretty wooden heart just perfect for Valentine’s Day and…


…these pretty cupcake liners also perfect for you guessed it, Valentine’s Day.


My afternoon of crafting produced these two cheerful wreaths.

I like them.

They make me smile…

…and made me admit that I am in fact a girlie girl at heart.


Working on a sunny project made for an enjoyable afternoon!


There. I did it. I hung a spring-looking wreath on my front doors in the middle of winter.

Who’s ready to join me? Get those spring wreaths out and start counting down.

Thanks for living on the edge with me.