Okay, am I the only one who is challenged by the computer? :) I love challenges, I just don’t want my computer to know that!

My wonderful husband, Mike and son Nathaniel helped me complete a couple of things and everything will be mailed off today! My family suggests that I take a computer class at the local community college..hmm…not a bad idea!

Thankfully, I overcame those challenges and will be heading out first thing this morning, so please keep praying! Thank you!

You know, another weird thing happened last night. As I was relaxing getting ready to watch the Biggest Loser with my family, a commercial came on the Food Network. You know that’s what I watch 90% of the time. :) I am noticing a pattern though. They were directing families to go to a short video on their website. The video featured simple ideas for cooking with your children. How exciting!

They are definitely promoting families to get into the kitchen together! As you know by now, that’s one of my life’s missions. Perhaps THAT’S WHY Guy Fieri asked me, “Do you cook with kids?” I thought that was ironic, but sense, from a little research, that the Food Network is definitely heading in that direction. Wouldn’t it be something if I sent my video in at the perfect time?

God’s timing is perfect and we’ll see what plans he has for me…hopefully a perfect storm!