Christmas has come early for my friends at Greenroom Communications this year. Just when we think it couldn’t get any better —  it does! GMA, Fox & Friends, Huff Post, CNN Headline News with Jennifer Moos…

The last five days have been a whirlwind for Penn, Kim, their families and their business partner Sharon. All of their family, friends, business partners and clients like myself and Vani AKA Food Babe have been glued to our computers and TV sets as we watch their second family Christmas video go VIRAL. Who would have thought that they would top their first family Christmas newsletter? Well, knowing them – -they did! This hilarious video not only features super cute Lola and Penn Charles, but Kim’s role in Iron Man 3, Penn’s “very small role” in Iron Man 3, his exit from his job as an anchorman, and his plans to join forces with his wife at Greenroom Communications. I would say that was a very good decision, wouldn’t you? And who else would not only admit to having a vasectomy in their Christmas video, but embrace it with a bunch of guys who are now called The Vas Pak? Penn would and did!

Knowing these folks on personal and professional levels, Kim and Penn are just as you see them in their family #XMASJAMMIES video.  The “Holderni”  are the most adorable family who are just plain fun to be around, have hearts of gold, and are adored by many. They are giving and extremely talented and their children are simply delightful.

I had the most fun working with them on the sizzle reel created by Greenroom Communications for Cooking With Elise. For the last couple of months I have been working with WRAL on obtaining sponsors for new Cooking With Elise videos which will hopefully be seen on These videos will be made by the very talented team at Greenroom Communications and my family and I are feeling very blessed!

We are so thankful for all of the much-deserved attention this family and Greenroom is receiving. They are incredible – did I already say that?

“Oh yeah, it’s the Holderni”… Now if I could only get their very-catchy tune out of my head… P-E-N-N!