I am writing a post befitting my Irish beauty, Isabel. Isabel traveled from Ireland to the states before she became part of our family thirteen years ago.

Isabel loves Celtic music. She gets really frisky and has quite the spring in her step when she hears it.

There are areas in our home where Isabel feels most comfortable.

There are other areas where she feels less comfortable.

An example would be near the sink.

When water is running.

She is afraid of baths.

But she gets them anyway.

Isabel has proven to be a fearless little thing though.

Interestingly enough, she loves to be with me in the bathroom when I am showering or especially if I am taking a bath like this weekend.

Yes, my once a month bath. In the big bathtub I always feel guilty to fill. (Don’t think I’ve ever mentioned taking a bath on this website before but there’s always a first… and a last for everything).

Isabel loves cuddling up on the pillows on our couch.

If you can’t find her, she’s either laying on the couch, in her little bed, in one of the boys’ beds, or you can find her behind you when you are sitting on the couch.

Isabel will gently push you away with one paw.

She is very courteous however.

She nudges you just a bit as if to say, “Um, excuse me but I think this is my spot.”

Today I walked by my bedroom door to find Miss Isabel cuddled up on my bed.

Of course she thinks it is her bed and that she lets the hubby and I borrow it.

She was so adorable. Oh I could just squeeze her. And do…often.

There she was.

Sweet little girl.

Wait for it…

There’s the yawn. I love when she does that. Sometimes she even makes a little noise.

Isabel is fifteen years young after all. She looks great for her age, still has a wonderfully, sweet disposition, and is allowed to nap wherever and whenever she pleases.

Even sit in the middle of the table, in our napkin holder to get attention. (No napkins were harmed or used).

I want to be just like Isabel.

I want to look that cute when I am, well, 15 x 7 … 105 years old.

I hope I have a sweet disposition, am outgoing, optimistic, easygoing, and still able to laugh hard!

Yeah, I want to be like Isabel when I grow up.