Hi. My names is Isabel.

My brother’s call me “Izzy” or “Iz” for short.

My momma loves me. She thinks I’m wonderful.

I have my momma’s middle name. But momma didn’t name me, someone did before I was adopted. Momma is named after her grandmother, Mary Isabel. She’s Elise Isabel. Momma and Daddy said they knew I was meant for them when they heard my name.

I greatly fear traveling. I was born in Ireland. My trip to the United States was especially difficult for me. That’s why my first family had to find a new home for me when they returned to Ireland.

Momma, Daddy and my brothers adopted me in 2001.

I’m not like most cats. I unlike like being alone. I love people, especially my family.

Growing up in a homeschooling family has been very nice. Everyone is usually home.

I like that.

I like greeting my momma each morning.

I usually make my way down the stairs when I hear her getting up. (I tend to go slowly down the stairs these days because, well, I’m gettin’ up there in age).

As soon as our eyes meet, I say good mornin’ and Momma lifts me up in her arms and shows me lots of love! I purr loudly!

I always sit with Momma as she works, reads or cooks in the kitchen.

I like to eat at the same time as my family. They eat. I eat. That’s the way I like it. Momma cooks good food and loves feeding me.

When moms in the kitchen — I’m in the kitchen right under her feet at all times.

We have chairs in our kitchen. They are tall and comfy. Momma often lets me sit on one of them while she cooks. I get to watch and momma talks to me.

I often give a thumbs up before momma shares her recipes with all of her friends. If I don’t like them, they don’t get shared.

I do hate baths, but Momma and my brother’s are diligent about bathing me. I put up with it. Momma itches if I don’t wash up and so I do it for her.

Did I mention that I love Irish music of all kinds? It makes me frisky, even at my old age.

My family plays certain types of music depending on the cuisine they are making. They think it’s fun. I think it’s somewhat annoying unless of course we’re eating Irish food. Then I love it.

I also love finding the sun.

This is my favorite spot in our home.

Life is good ’round here.