Every other week my hubby and I enjoy a “Date Night.”  One evening we decided to go out to eat. We enjoyed each other’s company at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Mike ordered a salad and I ordered a delcious soup with Italian sausage and lentils. I enjoy going eat to eat as much as the next person, but I LOVE coming home with new ideas and challenges. My husband smiled as I carefully picked apart my soup. “Sausage, carrots, celery, garlic, mmm…this spice, that spice…I’m going home and making this soup…it’s just THAT GOOD!

After a couple of tries, I created this recipe which my dear hubby claims is the best lentil soup he’s ever had!  Thanks, honey! Second to my grandmother’s soups, this Sausage Lentil Soup is one of my favorite soups! There’s just something very comforting about a pot of a hearty, homemade soup bubbling away on the stove!


1 lb. Italian Sweet Sausage or turkey sausage

1 c. celery, chopped

1 onion, chopped

4 cloves garlic, minced

3 carrots, grated

13 c. water

3 to 4 tbsp. low-sodium chicken base

¾ tsp. oregano

½ tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. dried basil

¼ tsp. ground pepper

2 c. dried lentils

Kale, cleaned and chopped

Brown crumbled turkey or pork sausage in large Dutch oven. Drain any fat and dry off meat with paper towels. Grate celery, onion, garlic, and carrots. Add to pan. Add 13 c. water. You may add chicken base. Add dried oregano, garlic powder, dried basil, ground pepper, dried lentils (rinsed), and a bunch of chopped kale. Bring to a boil then let simmer for two hours.  This soup is delicious!