Food brings people together and the relationships made with other food bloggers is no exception.  We all love our families, our friends, we love cooking and baking, we love feeding people and we love the connections made by sharing our food and recipes with everyone. Everyone needs encouragement and  bloggers do that for one another.

I especially enjoy working with those food bloggers that contribute to the Food Network’s FN Dish series.

I thought it would be fun to host a #masonjarparty and who better to invite then my blogging buddies?

Here’s who came to my party:

Jeanette Chen, publisher of Jeanette’s Healthy Living, Phoebe, publisher of Feed Me Phoebe, and Divya Shivaraman, publisher of Dishing with Divya.

Also joining us are Diane Padoven from Napa Farmhouse and Liz Hughes from Virtually Homemade.



I love mason jars.

They are so pretty, come in different shapes and sizes and have many uses.

One of my favorite ways to use mason jars is to fill them with something pretty like my spiced carrot marmalade. My favorite thing about mason jars is the ease of sharing one of my favorite recipes, like this marmalade, with someone. I did just that for my son and daughter-in-love’s fall wedding last year.


2013-11-18 05.35.12





With the help of my Ball Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker my mom and I made 130 jars of this addictive marmalade for wedding favors.



Purchasing the mason jars online was so much more affordable than in a store. If you have never canned before, fear not, you will learn exactly how easy canning is to do in my marmalade post.

Mason jars are not only great for canning, but can be utilized in other ways as well. Mason jars, like other vessels, need only to washed in soapy water if you are not storing food in them.




I knew my blogging buddies would bring some very interesting and unique recipes to my virtual mason jar party.


Now Liz Hughes at Virtually Homemade, looking stunning in orange, used her mason jar lids to make these adorable dark chocolate strawberry tarts!



Isn’t Liz adorable? And what a great idea!



How adorable are these?



And doesn’t this fig grand marnier jam from my buddy Diane Padoven at Napa Farmhouse looks divine?




Cutie pie galore, cookbook author, private chef, food personality and food blogger Phoebe Lapine, publisher of Feed Me Phoebe, used these mini mason jars for her salted caramel budino recipe.



salted caramel budino


I want to eat this now!


Salted Caramel Budino with Whipped Cream


I think I will make Phoebe’s salted caramel budino today!


Jeanette Chen ©2013 Alex Christine Photography |


The lovely Jeanette Chen is the publisher of Jeanette’s  Healthy Living. Passionate about healthy cooking that tastes great, and sensitive to people who live with food allergies, Jeanette’s blog food, is a place I visit often. Her  contribution to this post is her recipe and photographs for her wonderful homemade instant oatmeal.


DIY Instant Oatmeal Jars with Mix In Ingredients


So pretty, Jeanette! Imagine these lining your pantry? And how wonderfully hearty does that look?


Divya Shivaraman at Dishing with Divya has some very flavorful and stunningly beautiful recipes. Like those featured in this post, many are perfect for mason jars like her


Bell Pepper Chutney



Green Chutney



Her ginger garlic paste — which looks delicious!



and her Tomato Herb Pasta Sauce



These beautiful recipes would make your pantry super colorful for sure!


An immense thank you to my fellow bloggers who contributed to this post.

We hope you have enjoyed the many ways you, too, can utilize mason jars of all shapes and sizes!


Any more suggestions?

xo Elise