Epic Realm Productions and I shot the four holiday videos yesterday. We invited a local family to join us and had a ball!

I just love this time of year! Over the next couple of days, a new holiday video will come out, so make sure to look for the links on my Cooking with Elise Facebook page or go to the CookingwithElise (no spaces) YouTube channel! Please post your comments and pictures!

We showcased recipes that are delicious, quick, can be made well in advance, and economical! Sounds good, right? We put together an arsenal of time-saving recipes, helpful tips and economical ideas to make your next gathering stress-free and enjoyable! I’ve got some perfect recipes that can double as gifts for your friends and family, too!

The minute the first holiday video is broadcast on YouTube, I’ll be calling to follow up with the four local news stations. Don’t you think they should have some special holiday cooking segments? As you know, I sent them a DVD and a letter last week, so now I must follow up! I must be determined and steadfast in my efforts if I expect a positive outcome!

Stay tuned…

P.S. – Check out Alex Ferguson’s portfolio at Epic Realm Productions (http://epicrealm.net). Alex is a great guy, and Epic Realm does video work that makes you say, SHUT UP!!!