On a recent Saturday morning, our home was bustling with excitement. Our good family friend, Amanda, was getting married and I had been asked to host the bridal party at my home the day of the wedding. I was simply overjoyed. The group of gals in the wedding party and the bride’s mom, my dear friend MJ, were filled unbridled enthusiasm!

Right after (and I do mean right after) receiving the call asking me to host, I began to immediately plan my brunch menu which included the following:

  • a refreshing non-alcoholic sangria

Now you just know I had two bottles of wine in the frig chilling for those who wanted, well, a little something…extra

See a little sangria makes everyone smile.

  • my roasted asparagus quiche (found in my cookbook You Never Cook Alone)
  • a crudités platter with an herb dip


Well, that’s just a fancy French word for raw vegetables.