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2014-03-20 06.35.20

Easy Apple Crumb Tart

In Desserts On March 21, 2014 Comments Off on Easy Apple Crumb Tart

Apple pie. I don’t just like it, I LOVE it! When my family lived in upstate New York, my dear friend and daily walking partner, Anne, made us… Read More »

2014-02-28 02.35.31

Rustic Nut Bars

In Desserts On February 28, 2014 Comments Off on Rustic Nut Bars

Today is Day Two of my Bake-A-Thon. I love to bake. I also love my friend Sharon and her family to the moon and back. Conner, Sharon and… Read More »

2014-02-14 20.50.05

White Chocolate Confetti Popcorn

In Desserts On February 15, 2014 Comments Off on White Chocolate Confetti Popcorn

For our family, the sounds of a timer ticking away, the clattering of dice across a board, and bursts of friendly laughter always bring back years of memories…. Read More »

2014-01-29 04.04.01

Blue-Ribbon Chocolate Cake

In Desserts On January 30, 2014 Comments Off on Blue-Ribbon Chocolate Cake

We just celebrated our friend Donovan’s 21 st birthday with a special dinner. Donovan loves fettuccini alfredo and chocolate cake. We wanted to make this birthday particularly special…. Read More »

2013-12-07 08.24.44

Red Velvet Cake

In Desserts On December 9, 2013 Comments Off on Red Velvet Cake

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend with your families! On Friday I was invited by my friend Sharon to hear Yellowood Group CEO, Olalah Njenga, speak… Read More »


Pumpkin Spice Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

In Desserts, Favorites On October 25, 2013 Comments Off on Pumpkin Spice Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

I just can’t get enough pumpkin, can you? I swear when October comes around I am in full pumpkin mode! Two of my favorites are my pumpkin chip… Read More »


Pumpkin Pie Bars

In Desserts On October 2, 2013 Comments Off on Pumpkin Pie Bars

Pumpkin makes everything taste better, does it not? Loving so many aspects of fall our family recently wondered what life would be like without this wonderful season? One… Read More »


Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

In Desserts On September 23, 2013 Comments Off on Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

Being the first day of fall and an afternoon of Sunday football, I wanted to make something with pumpkin in it. I love pumpkin. Actually everyone in my… Read More »


Decadent Fallen Chocolate Peanut Butter Souffles

In Desserts On August 30, 2013 Comments Off on Decadent Fallen Chocolate Peanut Butter Souffles

I love when my hubby gets to accompany me on my travels to media appearances for my good friends at BJ’s Wholesale Club. On Saturday we were in… Read More »


It’s all how you look at things: Chocolate Chai Cupcakes

In Desserts On August 6, 2013 Comments Off on It’s all how you look at things: Chocolate Chai Cupcakes

I know that it’s all about how you look at things. We recently hired a company to pressure wash our house and stain our back deck and screened… Read More »


A Good Neighbor Is a Found Treasure: Maple Butter Pecan Scones

In Desserts On July 27, 2013 2 Comments

The empty lot that once sat beside us became the home of a beautiful family four years ago. I had prayed about the neighbors that would someday live… Read More »


Dehydrating Blueberries + My Chewy Blueberry and White Chocolate Cookie Recipe

In Desserts On June 19, 2013 10 Comments

I am very excited! Today marks the first week of Food Network’s Summer Fest 2013! Each week the Food Network blog, FN Dish, and bloggers like me get… Read More »