After attending a friend’s rehearsal dinner she planned for her son and daughter-in-love I would occasionally think about what I would do for my boys as the groom’s mother. Last Saturday the rehearsal dinner I had been planning for my son and my daughter-in-love had finally arrived.

My husband and I planned a Chinese tea ceremony from a Christian perspective and so Tasu Asian Bistro was the perfect place. Custom fortune cookies would be the perfect ending to the evening. I had looked online and found the prices to be a bit high. I also have this thing about making things from scratch and my boys and I have been making fortune cookies on Chinese New Year since they were young boys.

I also knew however that I had family flying in, family staying with us and lots to do before the wedding. I almost bit the bullet and ordered 100 custom fortune cookies online until I came across an article about creating your own custom fortune cookies. It was so easy! Although I did not make the cookies from scratch the custom messages made them extra special.

I purchased two boxes of fortune cookies from World Market — these were very good!

My mother, Mary, was here and she was a big help in making these! We had a little system going. In doing it together it didn’t take very long to complete.

First I chose a few quotes and verses perfect for Nate and Amanda. I printed them out and cut them into little messages.

Next I placed one fortune cookie at a time on a microwave-safe plate.

I placed it in the microwave for about 35 seconds. I checked them every 20 seconds and then 10 seconds after that, but everyone’s microwave is different. They will burn if you are not careful. One did and p—u did it smell!

As they warm up the fortune cookies will become pliable and you will be able to easily open them up and remove the old fortune. Tuck your custom message inside and close with your fingers. This can be hot so be careful!  The cookie will harden back up!

How cool is that?