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Raita, a Cool Cucumber Mint Sauce

In International On July 19, 2011 Comments Off on Raita, a Cool Cucumber Mint Sauce

Raita, a flavorful cucumber yogurt sauce, is the perfect accompaniment to many spicy dishes. A cool and welcomed contrast to spicy dishes like Shrimp or Chicken Tikka Masala,… Read More »

Open Sesame Chicken Fingers with Spicy Noodles

Open Sesame Chicken Fingers

In Uncategorized On October 18, 2010 Comments Off on Open Sesame Chicken Fingers

As much as we love saying (or in my case…loved saying…my guys are twenty-one and eighteen) “Open Sesame” to our children, it will not be necessary when you… Read More »

Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

In Uncategorized On October 8, 2010 Comments Off on Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

Grown in southeastern part of the United States, muscadine grapes are rich sources of polyphenols and other nutrients studied for their potential health benefits. The Duplin Winery in… Read More »